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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most asked questions. Please reach out directly if you have another question as I would be happy to respond. 

What will I feel like after a sound bath?

Sound baths are a meditative practice involving the use of resonant music. This sound creates a vibrational frequency that fills the body aiming to support relaxation and the ability to let go of stressors or anxiety. Most people feel deeply relaxed after a sound bath.


Why would I need to hire a professional coach?

​As a coach I will guide you throughout the process. We will define core challenges , identify actions you can take towards your goal. We will build  confidence and eliminate doubts.


How can I prepare for a distant reiki session?

There is not a lot you need to do, you can ensure you have a quiet space to be during the session. A pillow, blanket or face mask as desired. You will have the option of being on FaceTime together during session or a phone call/ email after to discuss session and next steps. It’s normal to feel tired after reiki, or alternatively you can feel a surge of energy. Either way it’s most important to listen to your body after and drink lots of your body after and drink lots of water.

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